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16th Asian Under-21 Snooker Championship 2015


7 April 2015 was the day the 16th Asian Under-21 Snooker Championship took off in Beijing, China. The week-long tournament was held simultaneously with the 14th Billiards Championship. Both events were held by the Chinese Billiards & Snooker Association (CBSA).


The Asian Under-21 Championships is an annual event held since 1993. The championship had 34 top young snooker players from China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Iran, Pakistan and Syria.

2015 ACBS U21 Finals china vs thailand

Semi-finalists Akani Songsermsawad (Thailand) and Yuan SiJun (China) had an epic dual, with Songsermsawad emerging the Asian Under-21 Snooker champion with a score of 6:4. As a result, the Thai champion was given a two-year card on the professional World Snooker Tour for the 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 seasons.

Results: (from quarter-finals)


Wiraka M1 Steel Block Championship Snooker Tables by Wiraka
Hainsworth Match Cloth by A W Hainsworth & Sons Ltd
Aramith 1G Snooker Championship Balls by Saluc S.A.


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